Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree

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Your child will love being able to have their own Christmas tree. With all the pieces made out of felt, allowing them to stick to the tree without any adhesive. Your child/ren can decorate and redecorate their Christmas tree over and over again.

Pack contains:
1 x Felt Christmas tree (90cm tall by 66cm wide), the silver and ribbon comes sewn onto the tree,
1 x Angel
1 x Stocking
1 x Star
1 x Pink ball
1 x Purple ball
1 x Christmas bird
1 x Bell
1 x Train
1 x Present (doubles as a pocket to hold all the decorations when not in use)
4 x Lights
1 x Bag where you can contain the felt tree and decorations away till next Christmas. Plain white calico bag with glittered Christmas Tree on the front.

The present pocket also doubles as a place you can put little notes or put the date as you count down to Christmas Day.

The tree (including decorations attached) is light enough to be hung with command strips, thumb tacks, double sided tape, etc. It will also self adhere to a brick wall.

No glue has been used, all embellishments have been machine sewn.