About Us

This title should really read, 'About me' but it just didn't look right...


Currently I am running the business solo along side my two boys. If you follow us on social media you may see them helping me pack and post your orders, I love that they are so keen to help and be involved.

You will find a whole range of items here at Threads by CRD and may notice I am terrible at 'launching' items. As soon as it's ready I want to get it out to you rather then take 3+ weeks building up the launch.

Custom orders for both individuals and businesses are my jam and I love seeing others ideas come to life.

My family and I are passionate about traveling you can be rest assured our clothes are made for play, lasting wash after wash and still able to be passed through the siblings. 

Thanks for checking our my business, if you have any questions or interested in a custom order, I'd love to hear from you.